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A few bits and pieces from my online window shopping musings.

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Go West! Barbados

Out and about around Holetown….

If you’re looking for high end designer brands head over to Limegrove, plus a little shopping village known as Chattel Village, for souvenirs and touristy shopping.

Holetown is on the quieter side of the island where more of the big hotel/resorts are lined.

Also, the waters are generally calmer on the west coast beaches.




Sheraton Shopping Mall, Barbados

If souvenir shopping hasn’t satisfied your retail therapy needs, head over to the Sheraton  Mall.

If you’re not driving, just agree a pick up time with your taxi driver, a couple of hours should be enough!




Sleep, Sit, Lean and Read on it!

As with everything, I usually spend quite a lot of time shopping around, and reading reviews before making a purchase.

This particular travel pillow seems to be relatively low cost (on Amazon),  though  they cost a bit more on Ebay.






This pillow looked thicker and more deeply cushioned than a lot of others I skimmed online.

It turned out to be a very good choice,  my only intention was to put it round my neck for napping during long distance travel.

I actually ended up using the pillow in the following ways:

  • Around my neck to take a nap – I could lean left or right with it snuggly in the nook of my neck for firm comfort. No neck ache so far!

  • As a cushion – the pillow foam is firm enough to sit on for extra comfort during transit.

  • As support for my back – sometimes I just want to straighten up a bit in my seat – I put the pillow into the small of my back, and felt a big difference.

  • As a book/magazine rest whilst reading – by placing the cushion on my lap.

I have unzipped/removed the cover and washed it on a 40 degree cycle – no problems there.

I’d definitely recommend it.


Flex it: Gorilla Tripod

Have you tried shopping for a camera tripod online recently?

There are so many different designs, makes  and model – it just gets a bit too much.

After a persuasive travel vlog I happened to stumble upon, the Gorilla Tripod caught my eye and I was sold.

I bought the version designed for a compact camera via Amazon.

Well I must say, I’m rather impressed.

It has ultra bendy flexible legs that can bend into all sorts of wonderful contortions.


For all the ‘kids at heart’ the Gorilla looks (and can function like) a toy; you can actually play with it, fact.

Twist and bend its legs until your heart’s content.

It can be placed, wrapped, twisted round, hooked onto and lodged into all sorts of nooks crannies, awkward places and positions.

Its a tad more discreet that your average photographer type tripod, and nifty for placing on a table, etc without looking like your setting up a film production set.

Its light, and easy to throw in your bag without fear of breakage.


The Gorilla weighs next to nothing.

I couldn’t help having a go with my SLR camera to see if it would hold up. Well it did – just about in a triangular three leg position. Once I tried to twist or manoeuvre it to the side, backward or forward, it promptly collapsed.

There is also an SLR version of the Gorilla if need be.



BHS: The end of an era

This has to be one of the most extreme closing down sales I’ve ever encountered.

‘Everything must go’ takes on a whole new meaning when even the shop mannequins, and display rails are up for grabs, along with furniture from the offices out the back.

BHS has been a household name my entire life, and despite being so polar, catering a little bit of everything for everyone at modest prices, it still managed to hit rock bottom.

I really liked their home ware, and got some pretty and good quality bathroom accessories and towels from them in the past (better than some pricier brands).

Such a shame.

5000 jobs are expected to be lost (according to Sky News).




Clutch of the day: Bagged it!

There will never be just one bag for all occasions, seasons and tastes.

A clutch bag offers a few note worthy things:

  • Minimalism
  • Elegance
  • Tidiness
  • Formality
  • De-cluttered presentation


A clutch bag forces you to go into your bag with that bit more grace. As opposed to drilling your arm, elbow deep into your bag and rummaging wildly for this, that or the other.

With nothing hanging off your shoulder, your dress/outfit becomes all the more ‘centre stage’.

I got this black crock print clutch from Mango.

Compared to other high street retailers with similar bags, this one was far less bulky under the arm, and pounds lighter whilst empty.

Now for the compromise.  You cannot throw in all your usual day to day paraphernalia. The last thing you need is bulk, if you want a snug fit and the bag to click shut.

If you’re like me and tend to take an umbrella almost everywhere, then a regular tubular umbrella is no use here. You need a supper slim/flat umbrella for this bag.


The chain is a nice bold feature, and versatile. It looks nice tucked into the bag, draping over sides, but can also be worn in traditional hand bag style.

Personally, I think any textured animal print in black just gives off quite a strong, powerful and formal look.

There is also something about this bag that reminds me of Chanel, that bold, yet understated, simple and serious.







Delightful Deal!!

Another great bargain.

Quilted leather gloves, extremely soft.

Perfect for a smart, formal look.

Echoes of Chanel….

Thick and fleecy on the entire inside of each glove – very warm

Black. You can’t get any more versatile.

Originally £29.95

Bought for a thrifty £8.99, can’t go wrong!!





Bicester Shopping Village, Oxfordshire


If you love your designer labels with up to 60% off, take a trip to the self contained Bicester Shopping Village and wonder around these pretty cottage styled stores and grab a bargain.

(Pronounced – Biester)

Tip: Check the weather forecast beforehand – best to avoid a rainy day as this is an outdoor village.











Nails Inc Giveaway



Nails inc:

  • Very ‘on trend’
  • Rich colours
  • Easy to apply
  • Smart heavy duty bottles
  • Popular non UV Gel effect polishes.

Up for Grabs!!


Nails Inc Covent Garden Place Gel Effect Nail polish and New Globe Walk (Glitterglobe)




Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen





To win, simply:

  1. Share your top nail care tips in the comments below
  2. RT the competition tweet https://twitter.com/thriftyshopper7/status/714556305873178625
  3. Follow @thriftyshopper7 on twitter

Closing Date: 24/4/16 midnight

Winner will be drawn from UK entries  






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Classic Jar Candle: Flamingo Candles


On a positive note, this candle was pretty on first impression, very fragrant and sweet scented when burning.

Unfortunately I won’t be buying these candles again for the following reasons:

  1. The lovely fresh green colour of the wax faded a lot once the candle started to burn, the colourant/dye seemed to collect in a green mound at the top of the candle,making it look a bit of a mess
  2. When the candle burns, the appearance of a dirty brown oily layer forms at the top of the melted wax
  3. Once the candle burns past the half way mark, we start to see the build up of black soot all over the inside of the glass jar, leaving black residue on the remaining wax once it cooled
  4. The glass jar becomes extremely hot to handle if you wish to move the candle


At £12 a candle, this is particularly disappointing.

For these reasons I’m also glad I never did buy them as gifts for other people before trying them out myself first!!

Overall rating 3/10 

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Out and About Around Borough Market

Borough market has been known for being one of the biggest food markets in London, with a history behind it dating back to medieval times.

Opposite London Bridge Station, the market looks like a large modern green house at first glance, however you can rest assured that there is indeed a sprawling market place tucked neatly inside.

Scents of cooked meats waft through the air whilst your eyes are bombarded with various cheese, bread, and delicacy stalls – surrounded by eager foodies.

Wines, french themed produce, oysters from Essex, and fresh fish are few of the highlights.

There is a slight maze-like feel to the place, with various side streets taking you off to discover hidden stalls, restaurants and eateries.

Within minutes you can wander over to the River Thames front, for a pub lunch, and walk along some of the surrounding (cobbled and medieval looking) streets, soaking up various places of interest nearby.

Photos below from a Sunday afternoon.







Out and About Camden Town


Camden is a great place to go for lots of reasons.

If you enjoy idly wandering around and feasting your eyes on a ridiculous array of shops, winding allyways rammed tightly with stalls, some weird some wonderful; food stalls and eateries galore, and you don’t mind a thick crowd, then Camden Town is a great place to potter around.

Camden Market, Camden Lock and it’s mazes of markets will easily fill an empty day, it’s tourist heavy and always draws a thick crown!!

Do not go here if you are in a rush, this is a place to potter – slow your pace and absorb everything around you – it’s not Oxford Street guys…. lol.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll  probably wander around for a good few hours and not buy a thing. This can be quite a thrifty day out.

I don’t know what it is but the more thick and overwhelming the array of things for sale – the less I can focus on any of it – my eyes go into scan and move on mode.

The atmosphere and food are more my thing. Foodies will not be disappointed, there is no shortage of food types to try around here.

If you’re travelling by tube – bare in mind that on a Sunday, Camden Station operates on and Exit only basis (I’m not sure about Saturdays), which means you can get out from wherever you’ve travelled from but you can’t get back in for your return journey – you’ll need to get to grips with the buses and jump on one that’s heading somewhere in your direction  – or nearest ‘other’ tube station to re-connect. Weekdays are normal.

Above: A mad hatters tea party outside Camden Market today, take a seat next to Alice and take a photo!!




Above: A splash of Brazilian colour.

Got to love Aldo’s discount store XX     Thrifty bargain hunters – get yourselves down there, so many shoooooes!!